@BeyondBuckskin reminds us of the ongoing battle of non-Native artists that continue to break the Indian Arts and Crafts Act and needs to be reported. Follow @BeyondBuckskin ! She’s a great role model and entrepreneur that has brought out many Native artists artwork onto the market. #buynative




Hi guys,

So I had the pleasure to partake in an art workshop with Steven Paul Judd and attend the screenings on Saturday 16th at the Loft Cinema in Tucson, AZ. Also, got to be on his Instagram 🙂 and TAGGED ME! haha He is a very intricate and humbled artist; we spoke briefly of his art and told me to about how he came up with ‘The Warriors’ skateboard (which he will sell only 100- 50 at Gatherings of Nations and the other 50 online).

Follow his work on instagram: stevenpauljudd


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