I drove to the Standing Rock Reservation in Lakota Territory during Thanksgiving Week. It was an unforgettable experience seeing all nations as one. I’ve met people from overseas just to experience and support the Standing Rock people. It’s been an emotional experience for everyone despite what they have been through they remain happy, prayerful, and remain strong. The people I have met have been staying there for several weeks and months. Some said they won’t go back till the fight is over. But now that the easement has been stopped by Obama’s Administration majority of the campers are staying, because the corporations are not leaving the construction site. I have heard many horrible stories, but the stories of why some Native Americans left their home to fight at the Oceti Sakowin Camp was intriguing. Everyone had their own stories, their own calling whether it was a sign from reality or dreams they heard their calling and proceeded to take this journey on from driving or hitch-hiking.


Here is a short clip of my trip to Oceti Sakowin Camp in Cannonball, ND.

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