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Native Podcasts Available

  1. Breakdances with Wolves
  2. Native Trail Blazers
  3. The Cuts Podcast
  4. All My Relations (Dr. Adrienne Keene & Matika Wilbur)
  5. Well For Culture
  6. The Yaz Podcast (aka Yazzie The Chef)
  7. Urban Native Era Podcast
  8. The Red Nation

ICYMI: Urban Native Era bringing the young Native American artists we need to hear on Spotify!!! Here’s the link to start listening! URBAN NATIVE ERA SPOTIFY PLAYLIST

Listen to artists like Frank Waln, Calina Lawrence, and more!

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ICYMI: Angel Haze new song ‘Resurrection’ and Frank Waln’s new song “Treaties”

Frank Waln’s new song on SoundCloud- Good Way ft. Gunner Jules & Rollie Raps


I have got the pleasure of hanging out with Jeff Slim from TheAllElectricKitchen studio in Phoenix, AZ. He showed me around his studio and told me of his inspirations behind some of the paintings. His perspective on cultural appropriation and interpretation of Navajo culture was amazing to listen too. I took a few pictures of his artwork and created a short clip. Enjoy.



Instagram: theallelectrickitchen

Facebook: Jeff Slim


Native American Artist, Author, & Activist: Gyasi Ross

You’ve seen him speak before and you might have caught him on ESPN to talk about the debated ‘Redskin’ mascot. Check out his music video on YouTube and make sure to pre-order his album on Itunes.

Check out his music video. “Marlon Brando” by Gyasi Ross

I can’t wait for his album to be released on itunes. Make sure to pre order your copy NOW!


It comes out on MAY 12th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you missed it here he is on ESPN to talk on behalf of the Native population of the debated “Redskins” mascot.

Here is his website:

Instagram: BigIndianGyasi

Twitter: @BigIndianGyasi

Native American Artist: Dwayne Manuel + Nike Collab

Hey guys! Check out Dwayne Manuel of the O’odham tribe from the Salt River Pima- Maricopa Reservation in Arizona. According to the article the items are for purchase on and also throughout the Phoenix area in Arizona. You should definitely buy yourself one! I know I will.

Here’s the link to purchase the items

Nike Air Trainer 3 Premium

Nike Air Trainer Huarache Premium

Nike Desert JourneyT-Shirt

Nike Desert Journey Hat

Nike Knows Desert Journey VS Men’s Jacket

Check out this article on 

Native American Artist: Frank Waln

Frank Waln is a Sicangu Lakota from Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. Frank is native rapper that continues to strive for his people. He graduated from Columbia University and received his degree, but before that he was a rez kid making music and received the Native American Music Award. He is an activist and performs at universities and talks about the Keystone pipeline and the people’s struggles of living on the reservation as well. He’s an exceptional individual and has received many awards and positive publicity. He raps about the daily struggles our native people face and has worked with other several native artists including Naataanii Means, Witko, Inez Jasper and has performed with big name legends such as Willie Nelson and Neil Young. His performs with two of his closest friends that he has met in Chicago, the Sampson Brothers. What makes his performance different than other artists that theirs is original and creative in every way.

I was able to catch their performance in Tucson at the U of A campus and it was awesome. Frank remembered me from Twitter and knowing Angel Haze.


Follow his twitter and Instagram as they fly to city to city.


Twitter: @FrankWaln

Instagram: FrankWaln



A Tribe Called Red
Hey guys if you have not listen to these guys here’s a link to their music and website 😄
Link: A Tribe Called Red

Youtubers: 1491’s

The 1491’s are a Native American sketch comedy group on Youtube they have managed to bring in over 25,000 subscribers and has millions of views. They are hilarious and speaking as a native we understand that we love to laugh at ourselves and as many other native tribes we all have in common. They continue to heal people through laughter. They also speak out on Native American issues on social media and once going on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. They have walked on peaceful protests to address Native American issues nationally and worldwide. They are an inspiration and few of Native Americans who are of this generation able to take advantage of social media. Here’s a video of the 1491’s on the Daily Show.

The change of the Washington Redskins mascot has been an on going battle and has been socially acceptable to most of the population. Most of that population do not know the meaning behind it and honestly they are ignorant and do not want to learn about it. It is an outdated, derogatory and racist term. Basically, in the past Native Americans were being hunted and bounty hunters targeted them and to receive a reward they had to show proof. This “proof” was to cut a piece of the Native’s skin hence the word “Redskin”. In a stand of solidarity against the mascot people have unstitched their mascot on their ball caps to show solidarity. Some have made shirts of a similar mascot for Caucasians.

The group makes videos to show native representation in other Universities and Colleges, which I think is pretty cool too.





Twitter: @1491s

MTV’s Rebel Music: Native America

Talking about Native American issues, Here’s a link to watch the MTV’s Rebel Music: Native America full episode on Facebook. You can also catch the trailer here. The video premieres Frank Waln, Nataanii Means, Mike “Witko” Clifford, and Inez Jasper. Enjoy it! 🙂

MTV’s Rebel: Native America trailer on Youtube

You can watch the full episode on Facebook at this link:



Hi, some of you may know A Tribe Called Red by now. They have been on tour in Europe and the US. They have become huge now after being exposed by Diplo and Angel Haze. I remember when they did a show in Tempe at the Sail Inn and there weren’t many people, but now they’re selling out shows like you won’t believe and playing the at huge festivals. It’s unbelievable!!! They’re helping representing natives now and young artists like Nataanii Means, Frank Waln, Mike “Witko” Clifford, Supaman and Inez Jasper. Native American issues are being addressed as well and they’re helping spread the news, which is great.

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