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IT’S BACK!!! The list of native-owned companies! Ranging from FASHION, CLOTHING, MUSICIAN, AUTHORS, HEALTH & BEAUTY. I hope this list has been helpful for everyone last year. We need to show our support for Native businesses. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BUYNATIVE and #SUPPORTNATIVEBUSINESSES The list will be updated every few days with native designers keep that in mind please 🙂


Fashion/ Clothing/ Hats & Accessories 

  1. Ginew
  2. OXDX Clothing
  3. Section 35
  4. VOSQ Clothing
  5. The NTVS
  6. Urban Native Era
  7. B. Yellowtail
  8. Santiago X
  9. Maya Stewart
  10. Patricia Michaels
  11. Reclaim Your Power
  12. Eighth Generation
  13. Sho Sho Esquiro (On IG)
  14. Dorothy Grant
  15. Summer Peters (On IG)
  16. Korina Emmerich
  17. Jamie Okuma
  18. Beyond Buckskin (Boutique Shop)
  19. Aconav
  20. Shy Natives
  21. Shayne Watson Designs (On IG/ FB)
  22. Vernan Kee
  23. Can’t Fail Designs
  24. Emily Tyrrell (On IG)
  25. Ishkiin (On IG)
  26. Un3ek Sy5tems
  27. Indigenous Goddess Gang
  28. Indigenous Enterprise
  30. Apache Hat Co. (On IG)
  31. Joleen Mitton
  32. From The Land Creations (On IG)
  33. Elias Not Afraid (On IG)
  35. Clay & Rain handcrafted by Zoe Rain
  36. APACHE Skateboards
  37. Ocean Sun & Bear (On IG)
  38. Orenda Tribe
  39. Naiomi Glasses (On IG)
  41. K’aalogii Kisses (On IG)
  42. JJ Otero Art (On IG)
  43. Inspired By Dine Bizaad
  44. Beadwork By Dakota
  45. Designhouse of Darylene Martin
  46. NDN Inspired, Inc.
  47. Animkeewa (On IG)
  48. Urban Inuk Creations
  49. Cedar Sage Skoden
  50. Wotko Moon

Beauty & Health/ Food

  1. Quwutsunmade
  2. Well For Culture
  3. Cheekbone Beauty
  4. Spirit Mountain Roasting Co.
  5. Bison Star
  6. Billie Beauty
  7. Biyaal Trading Post


  1. High Rez Wood Co. (On IG)

Musicians/ Artists

  1. Gyasi Ross
  2. Frank Waln
  3. Butchie Eastman (On IG)
  4. Witko (On IG)
  5. Antoine Edwards Jr. (On IG)
  6. Rezcoast Grizz (On IG)
  7. Nataanii Means (On IG)
  8. DJ Kookum
  9. A Tribe Called Red
  10. Nahko Bear
  11. Raye Zaragoza (On IG)
  12. Pete Sandsman
  13. Xiuhtezcatl (IG)


  1. Virgil Ortiz
  2. Felicia Gabaldon
  3. ThunderVoice Eagle
  4. Aly McKnight
  5. Randy L. Barton
  6. Cheyenne Randall “Indian Giver”
  7. Steven Paul Judd
  8. Natasha Alphonse Ceramics
  9. Julius Badoni (On IG)
  10. David Bernie Art (On IG)
  11. Jeff Slim (On IG)
  12. Averian Chee (On IG)
  13. Chief Lady Bird (On IG)
  14. Monique Aura
  15. George Alexander (On IG)
  16. Ishi Glinsky

Jewelry Companies

  1. Not Above
  2. Creations for Continuity
  3. Ataumbi Metals
  4. Strong Medicine Studio
  5. Cody Anderson Designs
  6. Wampum Wear (On IG)
  7. Kristen Dorsey Designs
  8. Brilliant Beads by Blanche
  9. Tracie J
  10. Niibidoon
  11. Ko-Fi
  12. Imkuuhkirih Designs


  1. Tytianna Harris (On IG)
  2. Juliana Browneyes
  3. Tomas Karmelo Amaya
  4. Alanna Bluebird (On IG)
  5. Thosh Collins
  6. Buffalo Nickel Creative
  7. Zoe Urness
  8. Tyana Arviso
  9. Hannah Manuelito
  10. Leah Rose
  11. Lapita Arviso (On IG)

Authors/ Publications

  1. Tenille Campbell
  2. Tanaya Winder
  3. Yonasda Lonewolf
  4. Native Max Magazine
  5. Tommy Pico
  6. Rebecca Roanhorse


  1. Birchbark Books (Minneapolis, MN)
  2. Palabras Bilingual Bookstore (Phoenix, AZ)

Jackets & Jewelries by Cody Sanderson Designs

Model/ Hair & Make-up: Kristy Bedoni

Creative Director/ Photographer: Kelly Bedoni

SO, I’ve done a photoshoot with Dorian Caster. Angel Haze told me about his work and referred me to him. I was lucky enough to have an hour with him on this shoot as he was in Tucson for the week for work. Ok, no more words. Here’s the result of the photoshoot.

Here’s the pictures of SWAIA in Santa Fe, NM.

The # NFITC in Denver, CO

The show went really well! Amazed by the Native designers creativity and talents. OXDX Clothing, Un3ek System, and Aconav were a few of my favorites! Definitely check these guys out work, buy their clothes, and support Native Americans! I cannot wait to attend future NFITC events and see more Native arts and designers!


Native Designer: Sho Sho Esquiro

Sho Sho Esquiro is Cree and Kaska Dene designer from Vancouver, Canada. She has shown her inspiration through her work and at fashion week in New York City and Paris, France. She shows that she is a force to be wreakin with and continues to see her future in the fashion industry very clearly. She shows in her Facebook that she loves her family so much especially her adorable grandmother; she’ll literally win you over with the photos she posts. As you see two of her works at the bottom that is only a teaser as to what she has made. I featured her in the “Weekender Look” on Native Max Magazine Gentlemen’s Issue. I love the shirt she has made and felt inspired of a young native man who goes to the local coffee shop occasionally.


YOU definitely need to see her work!!!!!!!!!!!

To purchase these items go to Sho Sho Esquiro’s shop:

Here’s a few other photos taken by Native American photographer Thosh Collins (, who has helped her creative mind to become recognized as an extraordinary designer.


Sho Sho’s work has gone internationally and was invited to Elle’s Fashion Show at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Her dedication paid off. Here’s a few of her work that she has posted on Facebook.



Instagram: shoshoesquiro

Twitter: @ShoShoEsquiro


Native American Designer: Bethany Yellowtail

Bethany Yellowtail is a Crow/ Northern Cheyenne designer from Montana. She has found her calling in designing and the fashion industry have certainly notice her talent. She has worked with Nike and BCBG to name a few have seen the creative future of this young talented lady. An inspirational women who has a whole life ahead of her. She continues to represent Native Americans and to thousands of young women who aspire to become like her.

Image of Crow Pop Scoop Back Dress
Image of

Check these dope clothes out!!!!

These pieces can be purchased on Beyond Buckskin’s shop:


Twitter: @Byellowtail

Instagram: @byellowtail

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