Cody Sanderson Designs

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Sorry for posting late, BUT this past month I have coordinated photoshoots for Cody Sanderson Designs. Three different looks and styles! What an experience!


She And Turquoise x Native Lux’s Holiday List of Native Owned Companies

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I got a chance to team up with Shondina Lee (aka She And Turquoise) for a list of Native owned companies. We have included Fashion designers/ Artist/ Musicians/ Magazines and creators of Indigenous Health & Beauty, etc… We hope you find the list useful for the upcoming holidays. Remember to support your fellow Native brothers and sisters as we use the hashtag #BUYNATIVE #SUPPORTNATIVEBUSINESS **Feel free to add any indigenous artist we may have forgot**
She & Turquoise x Native Lux Holiday List of Native Owned Companies


  1. Ginew
  2. OXDX Clothing
  3. Section 35
  4. VOSQ Clothing
  5. The NTVS
  6. Urban Native Era
  7. B. Yellowtail
  8. Santiago X
  9. Maya Stewart
  10. Patricia Michaels
  11. Reclaim Your Power
  12. Eighth Generation
  13. Sho Sho Esquiro (On IG)
  14. Dorothy Grant
  15. Summer Peters (On IG)
  16. Korina Emmerich
  17. Jamie Okuma
  18. Virgil Ortiz
  19. Beyond Buckskin (Boutique Shop)
  20. Felicia Gabaldon
  21. Aconav
  22. Shy Natives
  23. Marisa Mike (On IG)
  24. Quwutsunmade
  25. Shayne Watson Designs (On IG/ FB)
  26. Vernan Kee
  27. Not Above
  28. Can’t Fail Designs
  29. Creations for Continuity
  30. Natasha Alphonse Ceramics
  31. ThunderVoice Eagle
  32. Maka Monture (On IG)
  33. Aly McKnight
  34. Randy L. Barton
  35. Tytianna Harris (On IG)
  36. Cheyenne Randall “Indian Giver”
  37. Zoe Urness
  38. Zohi Gallery
  39. Steven Paul Judd
  40. Nahko Bear
  41. Gyasi Ross
  42. Frank Waln
  43. Tenille Campbell
  44. Tanaya Winder
  45. Yonasda Lonewolf
  46. Juliana Browneyes
  47. Native Max Magazine
  48. Well For Culture
  49. Emily Tyrrell (On IG)
  50. Ishkiin (On IG)
  51. Un3ek Sy5tems
  52. Cheekbone Beauty
  53. Ataumbi Metals
  54. Julius Badoni (On IG)
  55. Butchie Eastman (On IG)
  56. Antoine Edwards Jr. 
  57. Strong Medicine Studio
  58. Tomas Karmelo Anthony (On IG)
  59. Alanna Bluebird (On IG)
  60. David Bernie Art (On IG)
  61. Cody Anderson Designs
  62. Jeff Slim (On IG)
  63. Averian Chee (On IG)
  64. Indigenous Goddess Gang
  65. Indigenous Enterprise


#ICYMI: PHX Fashion Week Designer of the Year: Loren Aragon & Taika Waititi’s movie

Congratulations to Loren Aragon for being picked Phoenix Fashion Week Designer of the Year!!!! Here’s a pic of us at last year’s Phoenix Fashion Week. Also, here is a showtime list of Taika Waititi’s film The Hunt for the Wilderpeople. SHOWTIME LIST




I drove to the Standing Rock Reservation in Lakota Territory during Thanksgiving Week. It was an unforgettable experience seeing all nations as one. I’ve met people from overseas just to experience and support the Standing Rock people. It’s been an emotional experience for everyone despite what they have been through they remain happy, prayerful, and remain strong. The people I have met have been staying there for several weeks and months. Some said they won’t go back till the fight is over. But now that the easement has been stopped by Obama’s Administration majority of the campers are staying, because the corporations are not leaving the construction site. I have heard many horrible stories, but the stories of why some Native Americans left their home to fight at the Oceti Sakowin Camp was intriguing. Everyone had their own stories, their own calling whether it was a sign from reality or dreams they heard their calling and proceeded to take this journey on from driving or hitch-hiking.


Here is a short clip of my trip to Oceti Sakowin Camp in Cannonball, ND.